Used tires are SUNPOWER CORP. /Used Tire/Japan Tire/Container/Export/Import/the container trade SUNPOWER CORP.


Our Business Motto:
Assist you with any sort of services relating
to your oversease business in Japan

We assist you with any kinds of business in Japan.

● Provide consulting service to enter Japanese market ( support your business in Japan )
● Develop your sales strategy in Japan and support the execution
● Act as distributer to deliver your products to your customers in Japan

We have long experience in the tranding(export & import) business and are happy to assist you to import the parts from Japan to your country.

● Arrange the required documents for your important from Japan
● Support the translation of the letter and documents
● Support the communication ( translation of languages ) via phone, fax and email


Used tires are SUNPOWER CORP. Used tires made in Japan, the container trade SUNPOWER CORP.