Used tires are SUNPOWER CORP. /Used Tire/Japan Tire/Container/Export/Import/the container trade SUNPOWER CORP.


Our Business Motto:
「Champion tyre of pumpking company」
We will support your needs & expectation at our best from all of these " Quality ",
" Delivery " and " Cost aspects.


We are one of the leading companies in Japan with long business experiences
over the last 30 years.
Leading company, Experience and Reliability are the key words of Sunpower Corp.
We will happy to assit you to find the best used tyres to meet your
expectations out of various kinds of tyres.


It is our Motto to assit our clients all over the world therefore it is extremely
important for us to provide the best Quality parts with thorough inspections.


We are in a unique position from the value-chain perspective.
We manage all the operations in the value
chains - a) procure, b) stock, c) export and d)sell the parts - and
this will allow us to provide you with the parts at very cost competitive.


Used tires are SUNPOWER CORP. Used tires made in Japan, the container trade SUNPOWER CORP.